Water Utilities Operations

Water utilities in Jordan have various challenges to operate under best operational conditions to cost efficiency and to ensure sustainable supply of safe and secure water. We promise our clients and the local residents receiving the water that we provide “efficient” “secure” water in a “stable” and “sustainable” manner through our service of water utility operations. In doing this, we draw our experiences in infrastructure planning, operation and our track record of building water treatment facilities across Jordan.


Operation Performance

We provide technical assistance to improve facilities operation through introducing improvements in different aspects, which will have direct impact on cost saving and efficiency including energy efficiency. We start be assessing current operational aspects related to the facility including: institutional and organizational aspects, process mapping, human resources, software systems, and equipment.

Orient then provide recommendations on improving operational performance and identify proposed action to ensure sustainability, cost efficiency and quality management.


Water quality inspection

To produce water that meets water quality standards; safe and secure water is supplied by inspecting and measuring water quality in the clean water process according to change of water quality of raw water.


Risk management

We work on to establish a strong system, draft and update full range of manuals, provide education and training to operators in order to supply water stability at all times.