ORINET at a Glance

Orient is one of the national most reputable engineering, design and project management consultancies. We build long-term fruitful partnerships to create a world where lives are augmented through the implementation of our ideas, and the ability to convert our potential to reality. At Orient we believe that it’s our time to make a difference, therefore we hold ourselves accountable in moving forward the wheel of progress in the management of social, economic, and environmental factors. We pride ourselves on being a company that is highly qualified to accomplish projects varying in scope, complexity or size with the highest level of quality and consistency.

Established in 2008, Orient Engineering Consultancy and Design is a multi-disciplined engineering company comprised of dedicated professionals equipped with all set of competencies that makes them committed to excellence, with a profound experience and inimitable knowledge in water and wastewater sector, and variable engineering areas including materials, electrical, mechanical, structural, water, and environmental areas of expertise among others. In eight prosperous years, we believed that it was possible to build a national organization that can provide the best services in infrastructure development, project formulation, planning and management, enterprise development, capacity building, quantity surveying, project management, risk management, investment planning, and other management consultancy services. This vision continues to be the cornerstone of Orient Engineering Consultancy and Design, that creates a distinctive and durable perceptions in the minds of all our clients, and helped in building a name that is synonymous with exceptional service, value and trust.

From a vision to reality, Orient Engineering Consultancy and Design has successfully leveraged its leadership position in the engineering and construction industry outriding its rivals, and capturing a significant share of the market; through building an innovative organization and a growth culture, keeping the clients at the state of the art, guides them to the future, and go the extra mile to ensure client’s satisfaction. Our competitive edge along with our distinctive knowledge and technical experience put Orient Engineering Consultancy and Design in the forefront of the engineering industry in the region. As a result, we established a reputation within the engineering and construction community for our smart approach and painstaking standards that made our successes on all the projects we handled recognized by all our Clients in both the private and governmental sectors.


Professional Registration:

Registration in Jordan in Ministry of Public Works as Grade 1A engineering firm in Water and Wastewater.

Also we are registered at Jordan Engineers Association (JEA) to practice the below:

  • Design and Supervision of Water and Wastewater
  • Structural Projects
  • Mechanical Projects
  • Electrical Projects
  • Construction Management

Orient has a 9001 ISO Certification