Wadi Araba Integrated Development Master

(WAIDMP) Plan (S-2-2014)

Detailed Description of Project

The WAIDMP The JV was hired by the JVA to prepare the WAIDMP that is expected to provide guidance for integrated development of the Wadi araba area with implementation priorities. The expected outcomes of the WAIDMP will include, amongst others:

  • Improved living conditions of the local community
  • Employment opportunities increased
  • Sustainable economic activities developed
  • infrastructural networks to support the implementation of the development plan
  • Safeguard of fragile environmental and cultural assets ensured.

The planning area encompasses the Wadi Araba Valley. The boundaries are to the west, the international border; to the east, the escarpment (following approximately the 400 m contour line). It includes parts of the Dana biosphere Reserve to the North and of Qatar Natural Reserve to the South.

The planning time horizon for the WAIDMP is 3 years.

Orient was responsible for delivering the project outputs related to infrastructures including: Water supply systems, wastewater collection and treatment, wastewater reuse, electricity, storm water, telecommunication, and irrigation. The scope also included assessing the water resources (groundwater and surface water). Orient undertook a full situation analysis of the above-mentioned infrastructures to determine the existing systems shortcomings and identify development priorities. Orient developed strategy for water resources which was identified as one of the major development issues in the area. In this strategy, a water balance was developed and water uses per each development activity were projected for the lifetime of the plan. Major proposed infrastructure components were identified and include in the landuse plan of the area.

The project is endorsed by the MWI and the cabinet and the government allocated an initial amount of 60 million JOD for its implementation.

Type of Services Provided

  • Review and assess ground water and surface water resources
  • Conduct situation analysis for the water, wastewater, storm water, irrigation, and electricity and telecommunication infrastructures.
  • Develop water management strategy for Wadi Araba.
  • Prepare the water balance for different uses, which was used to plan different land uses and investment priorities in the development plan.
  • Supported the urban planning team in the development of the land use plan.
  • Prepare priority investment projects in Wadi Araba Area.

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Client Jordan Valley Authority (JVA)
Country Jordan
Overall Project Value (USD) 990,000 for Consultancy Services
Proportion carried out by Candidate (%) 20%
No of Staff Provided 7
Origin of Funding Jordan Valley Authority (JVA)
Date 2015/2016 (11 months)
Partners HS - Canada (Leader), Keios - Italy