Yarmouk River Basin

Yarmouk River Basin Water Resources Assessment and Use Tender No. (257/2008)

Detailed Description of Project

Orient was awarded to undertake all relevant hydrological and hydro geological investigations and assessments for the “Yarmouk River Basin Water Resources Assessment and Use” Project over the entire Basin in Syria, Jordan, and Golan Heights territories.

The study deals with the Yarmouk River Basin (YRB) water resources to assess and develop different scenarios for water use strategy of that Basin. The study was initiated as a result of unilateral development in Syria (with the exception of the Al-Wehdah Dam project) with the result that the water resources of the river basin have been exploited and even significantly overexploited in other places. It also concentrated on the reasons behind the diminishing water resources of the Yarmouk River Basin and their quality deterioration on the Jordanian side.

This study endeavour to achieve the development of water resources management and use strategy for the entire Yarmouk River Basin according to the Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) defined by the Dublin principles. Through the promotion of the coordinated development and management strategy of water, land, and related resources in the river basin in the interest of maximizing the resultant economic and social welfare in an equitable manner, without compromising the sustainability of vital ecosystems. In essence, IWRM has to deal with all natural resources; beyond just dealing with water, but also dealing with soils, surface water and groundwater, water quantity, quality as well as water ecological aspects.

Hydrological and hydro geological investigations and assessment to Yarmouk River Basin Water were conducted quantitatively and qualitatively, as well as quantifying and determining the apparent decline of Yarmouk River flows. This required a detailed study for the effect of all parameters on the degradation of water quality, effective land-use, and river dependent ecosystems.

Type of Services Provided

Specialized studies to estimate water demand and usage for the basin in order to manage its water resources through:

  • Geologic Study
  • Climatic conditions and their fluctuations and climatic changes
  • Surface water resources situation: Runoff, runoff generation, historic development of wadi and river discharges
  • Determination of agricultural water demand using remote sensing technology
  • Land use along the river basin and its effects on water availability and demand and eventual impacts on water resources and water quality
  • Groundwater resources: Water table conditions, different aquifers water, recharge and discharge areas and changes in groundwater levels. Groundwater modelling has been carried out to obtain a simulation for the development of the water discharges and for the changing groundwater levels.
  • Hydrochemistry of existing surface and groundwater resources and its development during the socio-economic pre-development and afterwards.

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Client Jordan Valley Authority (JVA)
Country Jordan
Overall Project Value (USD) 600,000
Proportion carried out by Candidate (%) 100%
No of Staff Provided 140
Origin of Funding Jordan Valley Authority (JVA)
Date 2009 - 2011 (1 year and 7 months)