Aqaba South Labour Village

Design of Water Supply System for Aqaba South Labour Village, Aqaba, Jordan (6/A/2012)

Detailed Description of Project

As part of the ADC master plan, a new port and an industrial city are planned in the southern region of Aqba city. To serve these two developments, ADC decided to allocate an area to accommodate labours and other related public and infrastructure services to the south east of the city. The development is called the “South Labour Village”.

Orient was assigned to undertake the detailed design of the water supply system for the development. The project comprised of the design of a transmission water supply system. The proposed system included 300mm DI pipes of a total length of 7000m, a connection arrangement on the exiting transmission main, two pumping station, 3 water storage tanks of a total volume of 4000 m3, and a control system to be integrated with the existing SCADA system of Aqaba Water Company.

The scope of the project was to:

  • Study and analyze alternatives for supplying water to Labor Southern Village in Aqaba considering capital, operation and maintenance costs.
  • Detailed design of proposed alternatives including pump stations, reservoirs and trunk water supply pipes.
  • Electromechanical and control systems design.
  • Prepare tender documents.

Type of Services Provided

  • Prepare the Conceptual design
  • Undertake the topographic survey
  • Conduct preliminary engineering design of the transmission system
  • Develop the hydraulic analysis model using Water CAD.
  • Design of 2 pumping station (Mech., Elec., Structure, etc…)
  • Design of 3 water tanks: two 1000m3 and one 2000m3
  • Design of the SCADA System and connectivity to other SCADAs
  • Conduct soil investigation
  • Develop the detailed design report and drawings
  • Prepare BOQs and the technical specifications
  • Prepare full set of Tender documents, for both general and special conditions
  • Prepare a priced BOQ

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Client Aqaba Development Corporation (ADC)
Country Jordan
Overall Project Value (USD) 2.5 Million (50,000 for consultancy services)
Proportion carried out by Candidate (%) 100%
No of Staff Provided 24
Origin of Funding Aqaba Development Corporation (ADC)
Date 2012 - 2013 (6 months)
Partners N/A