North Badia Water Transmission Pipelines

Design of North Badia Water Transmission Pipelines (N° AMM 15/00826)

Detailed Description of Project

Jordan was affected by the huge influx of Syrian refugees as a result of the internal conflicts in Syria. The overall population of Jordan increased by 20% since the start of the Syrian crises in 2011. This huge increase in population placed an additional load to the already stressed infrastructure services in Jordan. Syrian refugees were distributed between refugee camps in Mafraq, and within the hosting communities in different governorates.


Orient was assigned to provide the consultancy services for the preparation of designs and tender documents for the water transmission pipelines in North Badia District – Mafraq Governorate. Namely Um Al-Qutain, Mukaftah, Jebayya, Dair Al-Kahif, Dair Al-Qin, Rafayyat, Sabha, Mansorah, Manara, Hamrah Suhaym and Heleweh.

Works included the assessment of the current situation, evaluate and develop water supply options and select the best option in terms of service reliability and quality recommended and approved by YWC and ICRC.

Main components of the project:

  • Ductile Iron and High Density Polyethylene pipes for transmission pipelines. The total lengths of the proposed system 30,000m and the range of diameters 200mm – 63mm and the house connections.
  • Proper selection of pump in four pumping stations (Dair Al-Kahif PS, K124 PS, Jebayya PS and Sabha PS)

Type of Services Provided

  • Complete the surveys works.
  • Conduct the feasibility analysis for water supply options
  • Develop the hydraulic model for water supply system (WaterCAD)
  • Develop the network design
  • Pumps selection for stations
  • Operation Plan
  • Preparation of Tender documents

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Client ICRC – International Committee of the Red Cross
Country Jordan
Overall Project Value (USD) 2 Million (60,000 for Consultancy services)
Proportion carried out by Candidate (%) 100%
No of Staff Provided 6
Origin of Funding ICRC
Date 2015 (3 months)