Rahmah Irrigation Project

Rahmah Irrigation Project - Design (3-9/2009)

Detailed Description of Project

JVA is responsible for the development of Jordan Valley area including improving the overall situation of inhabitants through sustainable development of the available resources. JVA intended to develop the Waid Araba area through implementing several irrigation projects utilizing available groundwater resources.

Orient was assigned to develop a master plan for irrigation project in Rahmah village which is located to the north of Aqaba City. The master plan included land planning, roads networks, water collection and distribution systems, and power supply for the purposes of water system operation.

The main components of the project were:

  • Land master plan and land distribution.
  • Road network to provide accessibility to proposed lands and wells sites.
  • Four water supply wells (Rh2, 3, 4 and 7) which needed submersible pumps, riser pipes, pump units, control rooms, power supply, instruments, gate and fence.
  • One observation well (Rh6,) with a data logger to monitor the static water level.
  • Collection and distribution network consists of HDPE pipes up to 250mm diameters, and cast iron for larger diameters.
  • Water storage tank of 4000 m3 capacity.
  • Twin type farm terminal units (FTU) with lockable chamber/ including a valve and a water meter.

Orient delivered full set of tender documents, which were then used for the constriction works tender. Orient provided the technical support and assistance to JVA during the tendering and construction phase.

Type of Services Provided

  • Review water wells drilling and production reports
  • Study agricultural pattern
  • Undertake full topographic survey
  • Conduct preliminary engineering design of water collection and distribution
  • Conduct hydrological study
  • Develop the hydraulic analysis model
  • Design of the SCADA Systems
  • Design Farm terminal units (FTUs)
  • Conduct soil investigation
  • Conduct detailed design of road network
  • Undertake detailed design of flood protection measures
  • Develop the detailed design report and drawings
  • Prepare BOQs and the technical specifications
  • Prepare full set of Tender documents, for both general and special conditions
  • Prepare a priced BOQ
  • Asses JVA in the tendering process

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Client Jordan Valley Authority (JVA) and ASEZA
Country Jordan
Overall Project Value (USD) 5.0 Million (117,000 for Consultancy Services)
Proportion carried out by Candidate (%) 100%
No of Staff Provided 48
Origin of Funding Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority (ASEZA)
Date 2009 - 2010 (3 Months)