Zarqa Basin Irrigation Water Supply

Zarqa Basin Irrigation Water Supply Project - TSE Reuse (233/2008)

Detailed Description of Project

The scope of the project was to deliver services composed of studying, designing and preparing tender documents for the proposed irrigation supply and distribution system that covers the area between Khirbit As-Samra waste water treatment plant (WWTP) and King Talal Dam (KTD).

Additionally, work included identifying the irrigable lands within the study area, as the specific objective of the project was to increase the efficiency of irrigation supply in the project area and to contribute to the overall efficiency of Amman-Zarqa basin; and to increase the amount discharged in KTD, which means achieving an increase in the water amounts available for irrigation from King Abdullah Channel (KAC), consequently substituting the fresh water for portable use.

Activities comprised of estimating the irrigation demand in the project area, hydraulic modeling of the irrigation supply network, design of the irrigation supply network with water meters that insure actual billing of the consumed amounts and control the amount supplied to the farms to protect and hence, increase water conveyed to KTD.

The Project Components included the following:

  • Two Intake structures
  • Pumping Station
  • Installation of DI and HDPE water pipes (Dia. Range 1000mm-150mm)
  • Flow meters (Magnetic and Mechanical)
  • Flow control orifices to control water supplied to the consumers
  • Irrigation Headers

Type of Services Provided

  • Prepare the Conceptual design
  • Study agricultural pattern
  • Undertake the topographic survey
  • Conduct preliminary engineering design of irrigation network
  • Develop the hydraulic analysis model.
  • Design of pumping station (Mech., Elec., Structure…)
  • Design of the SCADA System and connectivity to other SCADAs
  • Design Farm turnout Assemblies (FTAs)
  • Conduct soil investigation
  • Develop the detailed design report and drawings
  • Prepare BOQs and the technical specifications
  • Prepare full set of Tender documents, for both general and special conditions
  • Prepare a priced BOQ

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Client Ministry of Water and Irrigation / Jordan Valley Authority
Country Jordan
Overall Project Value (USD) 10.0 Million (118,000 for consultancy services)
Proportion carried out by Candidate (%) 100%
No of Staff Provided 30
Origin of Funding Ministry of Water and Irrigation / Jordan Valley Authority
Date 2008 - 2009 (4 Months)