Karak Governorate

Performance Based Customers Services Management Contract (2009/10)

Detailed Description of Project

Orient was assigned to deliver services composed of the management of water, wastewater, customer service, as well as the full management of Karak Water Administration (WAK) GIS and ICT Units.

Starting with the support of GIS based tools implementation in customer management, implementation of customer Information System (CIS) and the implementation of Sewerage Database within Karak Governorate.

The contract was designed to deliver services over three years, and the objectives were as follows:

  • Improve new water and waste water customer application procedure
  • Improve meter installation, meters readings, billing and management procedures.
  • Improve water and waste water collections and revenues.
  • Reduce customer outstanding amounts
  • Improve customer management efficiency
  • Installation of computer aided customer management, technical and administrative development of Karak customer management organization
  • Effective management, technical and administrative development of Karak GIS and ICT units and provision of GIS and tools and ICT services.
  • Provision of additional needed financial management staff.

The contract was implemented in two phases; the first phase (Phase 1) which is the preparatory period that focused on implementing the billing system including link with GIS and data clean up, subscribers redesign, and introducing the updated version of the billing system.

Phase 2 of the implementation was the Performance Management Period.  Orient took over the operation of the customer service component to improve the performance in different customer service related operation areas including increasing revenues, reduce illegal connections, reduction of account receivable

Type of Services Provided

  • Update the billing system (COBOSS 0 to COBOSS II)
  • Customers’ data clean up to remove duplicates, readings errors, unique ID fields, type of customer…etc
  • Establish and equip ICT unit
  • Update water and wastewater GIS layers after conducting field verification
  • GIS integration with billing system
  • Develop staff incentive scheme
  • Design collection routes using the GIS and integration with HHUs
  • Conduct meter replacement campaign
  • Enhanced new applications and shorter time for new connections
  • Conduct public awareness for schools and other public organizations on water saving, water resources and water harvesting

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Client Water Authority of Jordan (WAJ)
Country Jordan
Overall Project Value (USD) 2.8 Millions for consultancy services
Proportion carried out by Candidate (%) 100%
No of Staff Provided 532
Origin of Funding Water Authority of Jordan (WAJ)
Date 2010/2013 (3 Years)