Water Management Initiative (WMI) Project

Detailed Description of Project

The Water Management Initiative (WMI) supports the GOJ to address its most pressing needs, including developing critical capacity, improving sector performance, and developing broad-based support for immediate and longer-term reform. WMI’s purpose is to support the GOJ to achieve measurable improvement and greater sustainability of the water sector.

Through targeted technical assistance and capacity building, WMI supports implementation of improved utility management practices, including reduced NRW and improved cost recovery. WMI also supports improved groundwater and irrigation management, enhanced wastewater treatment performance and water quality protection, sector regulation and governance, and increased water use efficiency.  Capacity building, behavior change, and strategic communications activities support all facets of program implementation, including a focus on gender mainstreaming and youth engagement.

The four WMI Components and primary activities include the following:

Water Supply Systems: Support development and implementation of a Performance Improvement Plan to improve YWC’s financial performance; support implementation of the IMF Structural Benchmark Action Plan to Reduce Water Sector Losses; support improvement of ZWA’s utility’s Key Performance Indicators (KPIs); and improve operational performance of Ma’an Water Administration.

Water Conservation and Demand Management: Support GOJ to strengthen utility demand-side management and support behavior change communication (BCC) in the sector.

Water Sector Governance: Support water sector policy development and implementation; enhance utility internal governance and overall governance environment to improve performance; support improvement of irrigation management through targeted support to JVA; develop and support sector regulation; and support the integration of strategic communications, advocacy, gender inclusion, and youth engagement within the water sector.

Protection of Water Supply: Develop a groundwater management framework and sustainable monitoring systems; strengthen wastewater treatment performance and compliance; improve water quality management, and improve water resources planning and monitoring.

Type of Services Provided

Orient provided local technical and engineering input to the project. The prime responsibility of Orient was to run parts of component 1, 2 and all component 4. This support was done through providing full time professionals as well as big pool of short term consultants. The work included the following completed activities:

  • Developed a nation-wide strategic master plans for water and wastewater infrastructures.
  • Supported the King Abdullah Canal Losses determination analysis.
  • Developed water and wastewater feasibility studies and master plans for Aqaba to identify water and wastewater supply schemes and determine infrastructure expansion and upgrades needs.
  • Developed Aqaba Water financial model and projections to assess company’s financial future.
  • Supported the NRW pilot project in Amman to introduce new management and operation technologies to reduce NRW.
  • Conducted remote sensing analysis for 5 water basins to verify groundwater abstraction.
  • Undertook utility operational improvements in WAJ administrative units with focus on billing and collection.

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Client USAID
Country Jordan
Overall Project Value (USD) 29 Million (Technical Assistance)
Proportion carried out by Candidate (%) 12%
No of Staff Provided 432
Origin of Funding USAID
Date 5/2016 – 10/2020
Partners Tetra Tech